What is mean by parenting?

The parenting is a kind of art, in which both the parent and children can learn many new things over it best play yard for sleeping. It is not a burden given to the parents; it is a kind of boon where we can find best things in ourselves. Being a responsible parent is a great task, parenting may look easy from outside but once enter the parenting stage we should follow many things because our activity should not affect the kids. That’s why we can find new version of us, and it will change our life completely down to up. As day’s passes, we will be very clear in our work and at the same time we can grow our child in a right way. 

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Who are all responsible in parenting?

Everyone things that mother should be responsible in parenting. The fact is wrong; whoever’s in the family is responsible for the baby growth because the baby learn from everyone in the family not from the mother alone. If it is nuclear family, kids will learn from the mother, father or from their siblings. In joint family, the kids will learn good and bad habit from each and everyone. So, everyone should be careful in their words and actions too. If we have some bad habits, the kids will observe those things with keen eye and repeat the same. Kids will be too curious to learn in toddler age group than the other stages. So we should be very careful in our way or else it’s our responsibility for raising a bad kid. 

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How to encourage the babies in doing things?

Whatever the kid do, we should encourage them instead of giving harsh words to them. If we treat them in a wrong way, it will affect their mental growth kids will remain keep doing the same thing. So, first we need to encourage them and then parents need to explain what’s wrong in doing those things, by this kind behavior they will easily quite the bad thing and lead the life in a right way. If the things done by them were right, just leave it as it is. We should not try to correct it in a more perfect way; they will start to hate those things. Even though it is not perfect they will learn from their mistakes in upcoming days. 


What are the things need to be avoided in parenting?

There are certain things we need to avoid, while raising the kid in a good way or else it will be curse to them. They are,

  • We should not use any harsh words or actions towards the kid, if they did any mistakes. It will be affecting them mentally.
  • Parents should not fight before the kids; this is the most important thing we need to avoid or else they will start to hate us.
  • We should not blame the kids, instead we can use some good words do they won’t get hurt and correct the mistake.

Many people think that boys don’t care about their physical appearance. Guys may not talk as much about their bodies as girls. Your body image is what you think and how you feel about your own body and your own physical appearance. If you focus too much on what you dislike about your physical appearance, your self-esteem could go wrong.

People with a good body image: 

  • feel good about their physical appearance
  • accept their body as it is
  • are satisfied with what their body can do

Do you want to feel more satisfied with your body? Here are some ideas: 

  • Focus on the things your body can do well. Can you run, walk, swim, or ride a bike? Hitting the ball with a baseball bat, kicking at goal in soccer, shooting in basketball, throwing in football? Do you know how to climb, walk in the mountains, dance? Can you draw, paint, sing, play a musical instrument? Your body is much more than your physical appearance.
  • Become aware of your body. When you stretch, grab things, go up and down stairs, tie your shoelaces, you are keeping your body in action. It’s easy to take the body for granted and assume it does what it has to do. But try not to.
  • Do some strength training exercises.  Being fit can help you look better and feel good about yourself. Being in shape is not something that comes out of nowhere. Find a good coach or monitor to advise you. A good workout will also improve your mood.
  • Treat your body well. Do not smoke or do other things that you know are harmful to health. Eat healthy foods. Sleep enough. Keep your body clean. Shower frequently. If you continuously treat yourself well, you will have a healthier and stronger body, which will help you to have a better body image.
  • Be yourself.  Your body is only a part of who you are. Focus on things about the type of person you are. Are you sincere, kind, and a good friend? Are you good at math, science, or writing? Are you a lover of the great outdoors? An animal lover? A great reader, a great cartoonist or a good musician? There are many good things in you.

Do things that help people.  Use the strength, energy and abilities of your body to help others. Did you know that your body image can be reinforced when you do (willingly) a task that helps other people? So, paint your little sister’s room, rake through a neighbor’s yard, wash the dishes, or take out the trash. Helping will make you feel good.